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This brings us to the second unstated assumption: that if all those dangerous people had been allowed to live, then there would have been hundreds of terrorist attacks against the US.
Gehl has signed up 600 men and women like her on her Facebook site, Unknown and Unstated Paternity, in her search for justice.
It takes place in an airport under some kind of unstated disastrous conditions.
The unstated difference that is the subtext of all diplomatic engagements between the two sides is the contradiction at the heart of Pakistan's policy of supporting the Afghan Taliban," the editorial in the Daily Times said.
Secondly, the investigators proceeded on the bogus assumption, unstated but implied, that our sources of information via the mainstream media are accurate and completely truthful.
As such, their unstated but increasingly apparent policy of avoiding publication of positive trials and continued barrage of publications of negative trials involving natural medicine appears to this writer as an attempt to discredit natural medicine rather than discover scientific truth.
Know why you are checking the "YES" or the "NO" box on your ballot including the possible unstated impact that may result.
James East, 69, resigned from the corporate board and affiliated boards for unstated personal reasons but will remain chairman of the central Arkansas advisory board for Little Rock's Pulaski Bank & Trust Co.
Johnston, 44, was abducted for unstated reasons by gunmen from the previously unknown Palestinian group the Tawheed and Jihad Brigades on March 12.
The suit requested unstated damages, estimated at many millions of dollars, from General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda and Nissan for their vehicles' greenhouse gas emissions.
Johnson chooses sarcasm, submerges his humor and couches his commentary on contemporary social affairs in oblique but unstated references.
An unclear or unstated investment purpose, such as a blind pool for investing in the stock market at the planner's discretion