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It was the irrepressible Carrie Pitman, and a roar of unsteady laughter went up from the deck of the "We're Here".
In a corner, a Japanese warrior, mailed and plumed, menaced him with a halberd, and a score of lances and khandas and kuttars gave back the unsteady gleam.
Young men are often hasty in their resolutions, and not more sudden in forming than unsteady in keeping them.
And business so handled, at several sittings or meetings, goeth commonly backward and forward in an unsteady manner.
On reaching the fresh air he was sufficiently unsteady to incline the row of three at one moment as if they were marching to London, and at another as if they were marching to Bath--which produced a comical effect, frequent enough in families on nocturnal homegoings; and, like most comical effects, not quite so comic after all.
Upon the wall, their shadows blended together, surrounded by strange forms, not without a ghostly motion caught from the unsteady fire, though reflecting from motionless objects.
What could be meant by such unsteady conduct, what her friend could be at, was beyond her comprehension.
Philip was always rather unsteady on his feet, and he fell heavily to the ground.
He saw him place his foot on the mossy ground with a trembling of the whole body, and walk round the carriage with an unsteady and almost tottering step.
I know who has taken it," repeated Rostov in an unsteady voice, and went to the door.
My brother Solomon tells me it's the talk up and down in Middlemarch how unsteady young Vincy is, and has been forever gambling at billiards since home he came.
And if I did think that for a little while--," she went on, with an unsteady smile.