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KEY WORDS: American lobster, Homarus americanus, calcite, carbonate-apatite, bone, electron microprobe, ion flux, scanning ion electrode technique, SIET, unstirred layer, epizootic shell disease
the company brings the war with Napoleon to the stage; War and Peace - leaves no emotion unstirred
At least four microhabitats exist: the intestinal lumen, the unstirred mucus layer that covers the epithelium, the deeper mucus layer in the crypts between villi, and the surface mucosa of the epithelial cells.
So long as the twentieth century looks on with unstirred sympathy and passes by the mobbing of Jesus with unconcern and apathy, so long will similar deeds be repeated, in any land with impunity.
Having passed from the permanently dispirited (the poor in spirit) to the incapacitated (those who mourn) to the unstirred spirit of acquiescence (the gentle or meek), we arrive now at the moment when the human spirit becomes an active entity for the first time.
Unstirred by the slightest breeze, it rises weightlessly, straight up.
Criticizing the ratings board (which forced Stone to cut the film five times before they gave it an 'R' rating), Ebert continued: "I could point to a dozen more violent recent films that have left the MPAA unstirred, but Stone has touched a nerve here, because his film isn't about violence, it's about how we respond to violence, and that truly is shocking.
A MUCH improved first half performance from the forwards, but the lack of penetration meant that 'Earth' were shaken but ultimately unstirred.
Duplicate samples were electrocoated from unstirred dispersions for each ratio at a constant voltage of 14.
Somehow this place was adequate to its age--to that pervasive social atmosphere of resignation at which modern Britain is all but unsurpassed; it was disenchantment made palpable, the material manifestation of a national soul unstirred by extravagant expectations or exorbitant hopes.
The 400C features autopipetting with an electronic triggered start, a 24-well prewarming station with independent photo-optics, and storage positions for stirred and unstirred reagents.
These studies revealed the following characteristics for imazaquin (i) it exhibits quasi-reversibility at the scan rate range of 10-500 mV/s, (ii) its m ajor mass transport in unstirred solutions is diffusion-controlled, (iii) its peak potentials shift to the right as the pH is increased, (iv) its anodic current peak increased above pH5.