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Characterization of the unstirred water layer in Caco-2 cell monolayers using a novel diffusion apparatus.
Unstirred water layers in intestine: rate determination of fatty acid absorption from micellar solutions.
To determine whether non-Saccharomyces yeasts helped cause a stuck ferment, take an unstirred sample and then a stirred one.
Shaken but unstirred, the 21-year-old will officially be crowned champion for the second time in three years at the eighth and final stop in Beijing later this week.
Migliaccio, "Reverberating chamber field in presence of an unstirred component," IEEE Trans.
Suppose there is a pool of water, pure, tranquil, and unstirred, where a man can see oysters and shells, pebbles and gravel.
Relationship between disruption of the unstirred mucus layer and intestinal restitution in loss of gut barrier function after trauma hemorrhagic shock.
The recent launch saw the who's who of the capital let their hair down and indulge in some perfect cocktails that left no spirit unstirred.
The multidimensional reverberation can be efficiently used to overcome the drawbacks of the local reverberation point of view, such as the physical incompleteness of the single point autocorrelation in detecting unstirred components by goodness-of-fit tests.
In this paper, based on the measurements in a RC and with Rayleigh, Rician, Nakagami, Bessel K, and Weibull distributions as the candidate set, it is found that the Weibull distribution offers good fit for the undermoded RC, and that the Rayleigh distribution provides the overall good fit to RC measurements (except for the low frequencies), and all the other distributions in the candidate set give relatively poor fitness (except for the Rician distribution for the measurements in a loaded RC with non-negligible unstirred components).
The soil and water were stirred to obtain an initially homogeneous suspension, and beakers were stored unstirred in the dark at constant temperature (20[degrees]C) with a loose-fitting top.
A thin outer calcite layer provides a dense microbial barrier that dissolves slowly through the epicuticle, providing an external, alkaline, unstirred layer that would be inhibitory to bacterial movement and metabolism.