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nd al's If Bayern Munich striker Gomez brings his shooting boots the clown shoes he wore in the Champions League Final - Joachim Low's side may prove unstoppably efficient.
For God's sake, how are we supposed to take notes in university when professors talk unstoppably and only say it once?
In an era where the Hannon camp has taken its game, by design, to a recognisably different place, the Ballydoyle juggernaut rolls on unstoppably and Cecil leads the superstar Frankel to the sunlit uplands, the struggle for everybody else becomes ever more demanding.
Thus the fragility of memory is given physicality, and we are reminded (or warned) that in the onward march of history what is so unstoppably erected today could be little more than rubble tomorrow.
From Canada, SlutWalking has unstoppably spread to the neighboring US, where marches were held in at least ten cities and, farther on, reaching countries such as Argentina, Australia, India, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.
On the one hand the EU is committed to integrating Macedonia into the EU and on the other hand the process that you have begun is unfolding unstoppably.
Breasting it down on the turn, Husband hit the ball as it fell and away it soared, unstoppably, into the roof of the net.
And enthusiasm for the National Youth Orchestra bubbles unstoppably from the two players I met, 18-year-old violinist Susanna Quirke from Sutton Coldfield, who has just completed her A-levels at King Edward's School for Girls just over the road from the university, and who is hoping to study Classics at Oxford, and 17-year-old French hornist Ed Spencer from Wimbledon.
That delayed the recording process by two and a half months but the unstoppably cheerful Faulkner made the most of the glass-half-full possibilities.
The Republic of Macedonia, as, in fact, the whole region is unstoppably moving in the direction of integration with the European and Euro-Atlantic structures and firmly believes that all these barriers and walls on its way of becoming a full-fledged member of the EU and NATO can be surmounted.
The task is too monumental to contemplate, but it is within the capability of each and every individual to create within their own hearts a true love and understanding for their fellow beings which hopefully, just like a virus, would spread unstoppably across the oceans of this world.
This will let you powerfully channel your feelings as you flow unstoppably towards your goal.