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In his last outing Smith took 101 seconds to hammer the previously unstopped and on a roll Hadillah Mohoumadi.
And because eyes are being opened, ears unstopped, and hearts unshackled, what William McKenna once called our "unforced revulsion" at abortion is finding a wider audience.
We are with Nick under the smell of canvas, making coffee, opening apricots in the woods, wading the stream, caught in the unstopped grip of the biggest fish we've ever hooked, reeling heart-pounding until the line tightens, too much, and then gone, and the emptiness after with the final knowledge of tragedy in the swamp, for another day.
There was too much of bullying with me and that is going on unstopped," he complained without accusing anybody or any office directly.
The parade of federal agency malfeasance has gone on unstopped during this administration.
And then, it happened: The tanks and armored cars rumbled across the border, unstopped and unstoppable.
The ongoing Ukraine crisis will not only have devastating humanitarian consequences but also potentially destabilise the whole region if it remains unstopped, UN refugee chief Antonio Guterres said in a statement.
According to a new analysis, written by David Phillips, behind all the discreet -- and apparently unstopped -- arms assistance to IS lies Turkey's Humanitarian Aid Foundation (yHH).
He added that "I have come to my second country the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia conveying to its King, government and people the greetings of the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain who will never forget the noble Saudi positions by the side of Bahrain and its continual support and unstopped support for Bahrain even in the worst situations, a matter that made us consider Saudi Arabia a strategic depth to Bahrain as our partnership is lifelong and our unity is inevitable.
They will be, should they slip through passport control unnoticed or unstopped, a potentially deadly enemy within.
Frank omits failures that others on the Left deplore: the Obama Administration's secretiveness; its expansion of the surveillance state; the continued operation of Guantanamo; the ongoing military operations in Afghanistan; the wider use and limitless scope of drone attacks; the unreversed, unstopped, unslowed death spiral of the labor movement; the absence of new gun control legislation; and climate change, "the greatest threat of the age," according to Bromwich, in response to which "Obama taught America dimly, worked part-time at half-measures, was silent for years at a stretch and never tried to lead.
The more pipes which were unstopped, the harder the men had to work to produce enough wind to keep the sound of the organ in tune.