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Therefore, despite its role in many heart diseases, NO originating from cardiomyocytes is very likely to have an insignificant role in controlling the overall structure and function of the normal adult heart under unstrained physiological conditions.
To the shape-finding for suspension bridges, the main cable's unstrained length is unknown variable, but hangers' longitudinal arrangement lx and main cable's sag at mid-span are the cable system's critical control parameters which are treated as known constants.
Open-rest position is an unstrained mouth-breathing position.
Pour the mixture unstrained over ice into a glass and dress with a strawberry, cherry and raspberries.
Hirohito, a thin Japanese inmate with a sparse beard and a permanent, humble smile on his face, is one of the victims of the brutality that reigns unstrained in El Sexto.
The result is an unstrained originality: lyrics that avoid the metronome, leaps of imagination in which the associative logic never trails off into self-indulgent incoherence.
Registering the changes, Yeats flatteringly remarked, just a year after dismissing her epistolary capacities, that her letters were now "delightful": "you are much the best letter-writer I know, or have known--your letters have so much unstrained animation, so much natural joyousness.
His assertion about confrontation between Government and Media, Sehbai has failed to notice that the media enjoyed unstrained and complete freedom.
He sat straight, formal but unstrained, not at all the woolly American type of graduate student.
The results indicated that the chi-square values were significantly lower for the unstrained models at the 5% level, which suggest that the constructs exhibit discriminant validity.