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I wanted to unstrap her from her buggy - I just wanted to lift her, to hold her.
Shutting down, I begin to unstrap as another aircraft bolters.
A TEENAGER died yesterday as she struggled to unstrap herself from a capsized boat in a sea loch.
According to Celeya, Sampson must have worked hard for two minutes to unstrap herself from the restraints.
He returned to the cockpit and asked the pilots to unstrap and take a look at the leak.
By taking a few seconds to look at the situation, unstrap, unplug his ICS cord, open the cabin door, and get one last look at the helicopter, he unknowingly performed an ORM process.
Landing rollout was uneventful; we safed our seats and began to unstrap while turning off the runway.
Once in, I couldn't reach vital circuit breakers without having to unstrap.
We don't have time to unstrap now, so let's take a look at it on the cat when we go into tension.