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Piuma, meanwhile, unstrapped himself from his chair and swung his legs out from beneath the table.
Corn typically is the hottest food in town later in the season, in November and December--if you can still find some stalks that the combines missed or unstrapped ears dropped onto the ground.
I needed a full 5 minutes to get it unstrapped and attached to the pistol.
It was only quick thinking by the livewire frontman, who unstrapped himself and Silva before abandoning his car and running to safety, which meant they were not hurt.
Misty morning encounter": Before she unstrapped hers/she barked, "Have you a dog?
A good inspection report can help a home buyer avoid many obvious risks, such as an unstrapped water heater breaking away from its plumbing during an earthquake.
His father unstrapped it, put it all in the River Colne and rang the police.
Accidents can occur, especially for infants under a year old, when they are unstrapped and their heads become wedged between the stroller tray and seat bottom, the agency said.
Twenty minutes later, having finally reached the saddle at the top of the ravine, I quietly dismounted my pack and unstrapped a treestand.
Here's a site dedicated to those mishaps caused by an unstrapped Wii Remote.
He unstrapped his own shooter, a large-bore model, and fired from the hip.