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Divinity must live within herself: Passions of rain, or moods in falling snow; Grievings in loneliness, or unsubdued Elations when the forest blooms; gusty Emotions on wet roads on autumn night; All pleasures and all pains, remembering The bough of summer and the winter branch.
conquer 'islanders like yourselves, who are still unsubdued, or
He returns to find that his brother David, "the headstrong slave / Of passions unsubdued," has unjustly seized power, has imprisoned many of his brothers, and, to Madoc's horror, has actually married a Saxon princess in order to solidify his rule against any threats from his upstart kindred (I.
In 167/783-84 Musa was sent to lead a large military expedition against the strategically important and still unsubdued mountain principality of Tabaristan.
Ruskin proceeded with his work, largely unsubdued, although disturbed by the lack of appreciation of his economic ideas.
Nothing will more effectually mar the peace, and destroy the happiness of the domestic circle, than the prevalence of a peevish, unsubdued temper.
Morocco became a French protectorate in 1912 (with Spain also given spheres of influence), and the unsubdued Glaoua reached an accommodation with the European colonialists.
Here is a startling view of James's mountain campaign at its midpoint: there are still more than a few castles outside al-Azraq's immediate control that remain unsubdued, and they are significant enough to enter the treaty as a special proviso.
The effect of allusion in Brooks's poem, finally, is to compel appreciation of Smith's unsubdued vitality.
But he preferred to go on believing in the mythology about himself because there at least he remained strong and unsubdued.
83) Dictating this boundary line to the frontier tribes, still unsubdued and largely hostile to the United States, was, as Washington recognized, a sensitive matter.