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Just as Socrates used to tell us not to live a life unsubjected to examination, so we ought not to accept an impression unsubjected to examination, but should say, 'Wait, allow me to see who you are and whence you come' (just as the night-watch say, 'Show me your tokens').
The contact of the speakers of West Saxon with their Britons did, however, not have the same impact as that of the North, probably for two reasons: first, because the ratio of immigrant Anglo-Saxons settlers versus the subjected Britons was higher than in the North; and second, because the unsubjected Britons in Cornwall and Wales were considered to be fierce enemies and contact with them seems to have been constantly hostile.
Catherine is "[t]hat noble Dutchesse, who liv'd unsubjected," who fled "[f]rom Romes ridiculous prier and tyranny, / That mighty Monarchs kept in awfull feare" (24, 25-26).