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His memoir concludes, "There is much about which to be unsubmissive.
Ayers's South, by contrast, is a land of growing settlements, large and small, where the frustrated farmer could leave the unsubmissive soil and clerk at a store before opening a shop of his own.
An amusing scene follows when Ferdinand (Zukofsky) introduces the Englishman (Bunting) to "a frankly unsubmissive subject of the Empire," a Hindu activist.
She made her most indelible impact in public performances of sometimes confrontational intensity, captured on recordings with music, including Celebrations and Solitudes (1974), Unsubmissive Blues (1979), There It Is (1982), Maintain Control (1986), Everywhere Drums (1990), Cheerful and Optimistic (1994) and Taking the Blues Back Home (1996).
This study is not as limited as Benson Tong's Unsubmissive Women: Chinese Prostitutes in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco, which Yung did not use, since her manuscript was already completed when Tong's book appeared.
The real strength of Unsubmissive Women is the way in which the author situates Chinese prostitutes in the larger context of Chinese immigration.
His party, Unsubmissive France (la France Insoumise), entered the French lower house with seventeen seats, and has since hit the ground running as a vocal member of the political opposition, leading protests against labour reform.
The other seven candidates are Nicolas Dupont-Aignan - of the Debout la France (DLF) party, Nathalie Arthaud - Workers' Struggle or Lutte Ouvriere (LO), Philippe Poutou - the New Anticapitalist Party (NPA), Jacques Cheminade - Solidarity and Progress (S and P), Jean Lassalle - Resistons, Jean-Luc Melenchon - the Unsubmissive France (FI), and Francois Asselineau - the Popular Republican Union (UPR).
All of these elements are key platforms of Le Pen's National Front and Melenchon's Unsubmissive France parties.
The African slave, who also had numerous descendants, is both the unsubmissive and the submissive who seeks His rights, the one to whom God revealed Himself, the liberating mother who helps us to believe "in Him who lives and sees me.