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31), resulting in unsubmissiveness to oppressive or humiliating living conditions, while connected, meanwhile, to the satisfaction of needs that allow one to achieve their own objectives and participate in the construction of social life, constituting a central element in modern justifications ofhuman rights (Pisarello, 2007, p.
The new consciousness, which I term the "third consciousness," comes into being in their minds after they have been exposed to the experiences as follow: their resentment against society, their unbelief in religion, their unsubmissiveness to their parents' repression, their challenge to law, and the gradual formation of their existentialist ideology.
As a perennial echo of the uprisings that broke the Chinese empire, resistance against French colonization gives life to a legend of unsubmissiveness that fed the anti-imperialist rallying cry and contributed to the formation of the modern Vietnamese national movement.(26) From 1861 to 1897, unlike the royal armies that practically collapsed before the attacks of French troops, the resistance of the people sustained a vast and prolonged national fight.(27) It was organized by the traditionalist scholar gentry who, like during earlier moments of national crisis, shared the ordeals of the rural masses.(28) But the peasants did not simply follow the literati in a docile manner.