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This time, though, Birmingham must not allow their prized asset to be plucked away for a fee that may seem acceptable in the short term, but prove unsubstantial in the longer run.
This is distressing when 95 percent of enterprises in Pakistan are SME's and in this sector almost unsubstantial percentage has access to formal credit markets.
This is an unsubstantial world and everyone who comes into it must one depart it also.
Instead four candidates vying for the role of United Nations secretary-general gave polite, if sometimes unsubstantial, answers to complex policy questions before a New York City crowd Wednesday evening.
The gains made by the initiative are not vague or unsubstantial as campaigns towards such causes often suffer from.
However, these nine keynoters did not shy away from this not unsubstantial challenge.
For a recent, better researched, and more detailed story of Americans who flew in World War I, I recommend The Unsubstantial Air by Samuel Hynes (reviewed in APH Spring, 2015.
For this Saturday night table, we had to book weeks in advance and when we walked in, the bar was packed with customers and almost every table in the not unsubstantial establishment was full.
Yet while this fact-based look at an episode in the life of Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle appears designed to cash in on interest in all things related to the fictional sleuth, it's a slim construct, with a mystery that's as wispy and unsubstantial as fog drifting in over the moors.
A perfect world would involve repayment of some of the losses from his not unsubstantial salary.
Though rumors of a Primitive allegiance with his modern mentor P-Rod flared up from time to time, those it seems were as unsubstantial as similar gossip suggesting a new socially-driven board brand with Smilin'Taylor, Mikey
However, leading Bahraini economists dismissed the expected decline in economic growth as unsubstantial.