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While the allegations are still unsubstantiated at this point, I will order a review of the contracts entered into by the previous administration,' Duque said.
Grassley is also asking the FBI to explain whether it was aware that Fusion GPS was allegedly working as an unregistered agent for Russian interests at the same time it was working on the unsubstantiated dossier, and whether such information was included in documents describing or relying on materials in the dossier.
All he has asked for is that MPs must first research before coming to Parliament and not make unsubstantiated allegations hiding behind parliamentary privileges.
The problem arises, however, when abuse and vague, unsubstantiated accusations of corrupt motives take the place of reasoned refutation and debate.
Whatever the exact definition of "unsubstantiated," departments should strongly consider undertaking a rigorous performance audit of each case in which multiple unsubstantiated allegations are made.
In relation to this as yet unsubstantiated claim UEFA wishes to state that, as always, it can only open an investigation on the basis of tangible elements of proof.
The allegations of plagiarism made by the estate of Adrian Jacobs are unfounded, unsubstantiated and untrue.
The arrested man's claims that the actions of the officers involved in his restraint and arrest resulted in him receiving a number of injuries were unsubstantiated, it has been found.
The Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union representing some 9,300 rank-and-file officers, contends the officers were reassigned after gang members filed several complaints that were later deemed unsubstantiated.
The allegations of voter fraud invoked by policymakers, and repeated frequently enough by the media to take on the patina of fact, are generally unsubstantiated.
Combining 219 residential apartments, 70 000sq ft (6506sqm) of office space and a 230 000sq ft (21 375sqm) Hilton Hotel, it is set to take loft-life in Manchester to new heights, with unsubstantiated rumours already being circulated that David Beckham has bought the prestigious top-floor penthouse flat; a mere snip at [pounds sterling]2.
In London, a Foreign Office spokesman said he was aware of unsubstantiated reports of an incident involving non-Arabs.