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A fortnight ago, Mudenda warned legislators who made unsubstantiated remarks against fellow MPs, Parliament officials and members of the public that they risked contempt of Parliament charges.
The Editors Guild of India notes with concern the growing attacks and unsubstantiated charges levelled against the media by political leaders and public figures dissatisfied with the coverage of their activities or with criticism from the media," Ravi was stated in a statement issued.
Common sense forces us to conclude that multiple reports of alleged maltreatment, even though all unsubstantiated, indicate that where there's smoke there may be fire.
On the second aspect of the complaint, the ASA noted that the claim of saving customers 50% is currently unsubstantiated, and has to be completely withdrawn.
But Adrian Keeling, defending, asked Mumtaz why he had made 29 unsubstantiated complaints about the police in a two-and-half-year period from June 2007, which he said was more than one a month.
In relation to this as yet unsubstantiated claim UEFA wishes to state that, as always, it can only open an investigation on the basis of tangible elements of proof.
The allegations of plagiarism made by the estate of Adrian Jacobs are unfounded, unsubstantiated and untrue.
The arrested man's claims that the actions of the officers involved in his restraint and arrest resulted in him receiving a number of injuries were unsubstantiated, it has been found.
FFF executive director Michael Henson said, "Since the faulty lab results last July, Anti-Doping Organizations and sports federations have leveled -- through leaks and media interviews -- unsubstantiated doping allegations without adherence to the fundamental moral code that protects human rights in democratic societies.
Flash-forward seven years, and we have Rollyson quoting the poet Edward Field for unsubstantiated gossip about Ms.
However, the majority of voters did not buy into the unsubstantiated claims.
The Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union representing some 9,300 rank-and-file officers, contends the officers were reassigned after gang members filed several complaints that were later deemed unsubstantiated.