unsuccessful attempt

See: failure
References in classic literature ?
The fellow thought he was a lunatic at large and made an unsuccessful attempt to shut him into the taproom.
d'Escayrac de Lauture made an equally unsuccessful attempt to reach the famous sources of the Nile.
Numa, the lion, growled futilely in baffled rage as he slipped back to the ground at the foot of the wall after his unsuccessful attempt to drag down the fleeing ape-man.
Van Baerle, from whose thoughts the three bulbs were never absent, made a snare for catching the pigeons, baiting the birds with all the resources of his kitchen, such as it was for eight slivers (sixpence English) a day; and, after a month of unsuccessful attempts, he at last caught a female bird.
I would gladly have eaten the potatoes and let the meat alone, but having got a large piece of the latter on to my plate, I could not be so impolite as to leave it; so, after many awkward and unsuccessful attempts to cut it with the knife, or tear it with the fork, or pull it asunder between them, sensible that the awful lady was a spectator to the whole transaction, I at last desperately grasped the knife and fork in my fists, like a child of two years old, and fell to work with all the little strength I possessed.
Climbing up another perpendicular flight, composed with great mechanical ingenuity of nothing but corner stairs, Mr Ralph Nickleby stopped to take breath on the landing, when he was overtaken by the handmaid, whom the politeness of Miss La Creevy had dispatched to announce him, and who had apparently been making a variety of unsuccessful attempts, since their last interview, to wipe her dirty face clean, upon an apron much dirtier.
It was an unsuccessful attempt to steal money, and it was promptly foiled," Hamidov said.
GOLCAR | |An unsuccessful attempt was made to prise open the bottom of a UPVC door on Handel Street on November 25 at 11pm.
Following an unsuccessful attempt to buy UK's Abbey National Plc in 2002, the Australian lender said in 2009 that it would seek to expand in the UK or exit.
Chapadziev also made an unsuccessful attempt to open a restaurant and worked in printing.
According to FNPF Chief Executive Officer, Aisake Taito, their IT security system had detected the unsuccessful attempt adding that they have stringent measures and procedures in place to reduce the possibility of any such breaches.
Summary: Ken Livingstone has announced he is retiring from electoral politics after an unsuccessful attempt to become London mayor again.