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Ali's body was kept at the coroner's court for nine months while his wife unsuccessfully applied for temporary visas so that she and her children could say goodbye.
BEIRUT: A former Kuwaiti foreign minister was unsuccessfully courted to take over from U.
In Wedding Daze, Jason Biggs unsuccessfully reprises the character he played in American Pie, and there aren't, etc etc.
Korn: The taxpayers also unsuccessfully relied on Korn Indus.
Over EUR4,500 was bet on the draw at 1-33 on Betfair, with a further E13,000 unsuccessfully bet on the draw at 1-25.
While not opposed to reconciliation, the Pope is said to have "no illusions" about the Society with whom he dealt unsuccessfully in 1988.
The story then relates how the doctors and nurses painstakingly and meticulously, but ultimately unsuccessfully, struggled to save Jason's life.
Some conservatives unsuccessfully lobbied the bishop of London, Richard Chartres, "to try to stop Bishop Robinson even entering a church during his visit," it added.
Companies that had unsuccessfully applied for supplier registration have had the opportunity to re-apply since late April, in accordance with previously released AQSIQ notices stipulating that any rejected company can re-submit its application within six months after having received a rejection notice.
Ottawa -- Karen Myers, a correctional officer in Kingston, ON, argued unsuccessfully that a Correctional Services of Canada policy designed to boost the education of visible minorities was a violation of the collective agreement.
After unsuccessfully submitting an ad critical of marijuana prohibition to the Metro system in February 2004, the American Civil Liberties Union and three drug policy reform groups challenged Istook's amendment in federal court.
Drilling advocates have tried several times to push legislation through Congress, so far unsuccessfully.