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He branded him an "unsufferable b***", adding: "He's a bureaucratic bully."
If Milton's hymning lips in the "Nativity Ode" were truly touched with God's "hallowed fire," "unsufferable" as the light of the Son's glory, his resulting "Hymn" would have been rendered radically unintelligible to those who dwell in "a darksome house of mortal clay." As Catherine Belsey points out in her Derridian reading of the poem, the divine "presence" such poetry "seeks to realise depends precisely on eliminating the differences of which it is composed." (13) To put it simply, Milton's literary ambition was at odds with his early religious impulse.
She referred to the "Unsufferable Condition of a Married Life," commented a number of times that death was preferable to marriage, and noted that in marriage a woman loses her identity: "first her Name is Lost" and then "her Family, for neither Name nor Estate goes to her family." In short, for a woman a single life was best, for you are "Mistress of your self."