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According to the eighteen point communique, Stakeholders agreed that in order to realize the desired accelerated growth of the Nigerian maritime sector, the Ministry and its Agencies should explore alternate financing windows such as the establishment of Maritime Bank to address the financing gap created by the unsuitability of lending rates of Nigerian banks for the shipping business; consider reviving NIMAREX as a platform for bridging the gap between the Nigerian shipping industry and prospective international investors so as to provide impetus for growth and investment.
The client had sought $360,000 related to the unsuitability of a variable annuity and the failure to disclose certain terms.
Due to an emergency state, the Ministry of Emergency Situations issued a decision in 2008 on unsuitability of the building for use.
His opponents say he has decided to throw in the towel and quit politics, or that this is proof of his unsuitability for the job and his inability to steer the course.
In reversing the lower court ruling, Judge Lemire found that a passage of time without further incident did not preclude a finding of unsuitability, but was rather a factor that a licensing authority could take into consideration.
He said it was important to study the factors leading to workers changing jobs such as unsuitability, low income and lack of incentives in addition to vague company policies.
Every householder will give a different reason for that unsuitability but one of the main ones is that they are unsightly.
Another architect, whose opinion was sought by the embassy, too " reiterated the unsuitability on same ground".
In fact the planners advised Valley Wind, in writing, of the unsuitability of their proposals three years ago.
Cave believes her unsuitability for the super-sprint distance meant she was not an ideal candidate for the team relay.
The decision to switch the venue to the Red Sea city of Jeddah was based on the conviction of the unsuitability of the Iraqi infrastructures and the ban imposed by FIFA on Iraq hosting international official and friendly competitions.
Her brother, Basil, realised her inherent unsuitability for such a life: 'You weren't made to live in a cage, little bird.