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Only the pure in heart," "clean, unsullied thought.
She pledged herself to an absoluteness of belief that her love and Billy's was unsullied, unperturbed--serere as it had always been, as it would be when it came back again after the world settled down once more to rational ways.
In an environment made up largely of sordidness and wretchedness they had kept themselves unsullied and wholesome.
This, says Lord Macaulay, himself a great writer, was "a mark of national respect due to the unsullied statesman, to the accomplished scholar, to the master of pure English eloquence, to the consummate painter of life and manners.
He spoke of the honour of the family, the unsullied reputation of the Crawleys; expressed himself in indignant tones about her receiving those young Frenchmen--those wild young men of fashion, my Lord Steyne himself, whose carriage was always at her door, who passed hours daily in her company, and whose constant presence made the world talk about her.
Setting aside all advantages of rank, this fair girl deemed herself conscious of a power --combined of beauty, high, unsullied purity, and the preservative force of womanhood--that could make her sphere impenetrable, unless betrayed by treachery within.
She speaks of that world as a place unsullied by sin--of that life, as an era unembittered by suffering; she mightily strengthens her consolation by connecting with it two ideas --which mortals cannot comprehend, but on which they love to repose--Eternity, Immortality; and the mind of the mourner, being filled with an image, faint yet glorious, of heavenly hills all light and peace--of a spirit resting there in bliss--of a day when his spirit shall also alight there, free and disembodied--of a reunion perfected by love, purified from fear--he takes courage--goes out to encounter the necessities and discharge the duties of life; and, though sadness may never lift her burden from his mind, Hope will enable him to support it.
I wish to leave my good name unsullied, together with any little property of which I may become possessed through industry and perseverance, to my daughters Emma, Jane, and Caroline.
Next to the welfare of our beloved island--this great and free and happy country, whose powers and resources are, I sincerely believe, illimitable--I value that noble independence which is an Englishman's proudest boast, and which I fondly hope to bequeath to my children, untarnished and unsullied.
Very few reputations are gained by unsullied virtue.
It's a place for hikers and lovers of unsullied landscapes.
Saying they were 'persons of unsullied integrity,' the complainants said Cruz's statements 'caused them mental anguish, serious anxiety, moral shock and social humiliation.