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The idea that this is not a major issue for investigation when there is the News Corporation, there's the Government, there's the Royal Family, there's goodness knows who else involved seems simply unsupportable, if not laughable.
Though the Cossacks would retain many of the elements of their historical "freedoms," by the mid-eighteenth century, the Cossack nomadic tradition was unsupportable without Russia.
We cannot support an Israeli blockade which is morally and juridically unsupportable.
Like most states, Medicaid has become an unsupportable drain on the Sunshine State's budget.
Their logic devolves into fallacious, unsupportable presuppositions and their main rhetorical tactic is to demonize religious believers, thereby making it easier for the devout to demonize them.
For instance, she notes, CHPA scrutinizes supplier labels to ensure they meet the government's requirements for an accurate listing of ingredients and do not make unsupportable health claims.
Miles' assertions appear to be nothing more than unsubstantiated and unsupportable fabrications.
The removal of unsupportable levels of vehicle inventory should provide a more stable supply versus demand, which will enable better planning.
What is fuelling this unsupportable explosion is net annual immigration of 174,000 people.
I think deficits of 5 per cent is unsupportable," Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody's Economy.
A Sunday Telegram report on Summer Nationals finances found the often-repeated claim that the event was a $20 million windfall for the Worcester area is unsupportable.
In particular, the failure to secure a contract with a bookmaker has resulted in the failure to generate revenues sufficient to cover the ongoing costs of operation, which if left unaddressed would have placed a significant and potentially unsupportable burden on the group's cash position.