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Rauner 47-30 in a head-to-head matchup, with 23 percent saying they are unsure.
For the latter six, it is an agonising wait, unsure whether or not they will continue at work or they will be redeployed.
But the good news is that people who are unsure about their retirement standing may be able to build their confidence with relative ease by working in the near term to close critical knowledge and saving gaps.
Additionally, they are unsure how the recent interest rate hike -- as well as potential future increases -- will influence both the economy and their personal finances.
It is unsure if this lawsuit is connected to the firm ending its collaboration with Rite Aid.
Again, only a small number, four per cent, are unsure.
Support Oppose Unsure Margin Quinnipac 25 55 * 20 -30 Aug 20-25 CNN/ORC 41 56 * 2 -15 Aug 13-16 Monmouth U.
Breakdown of results by injury and time to presentation Mechanism of injury Time since injury at presentation <1 h 1-3 h >3 h Unsure Total Assault 0 1 2 11 14 Pedestrian v.
Richard Linklater won by a slim margin, and 71% were unsure.
The teachers are also in a dilemma as they are unsure of the syllabus they have to teach.
Nick hopes they'll tick the Unsure box on that one.
Almost half of people who are unsure about how they will vote on the day also said the currency issue would sway their decision.