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This searching and shifting increases the sense of impotence and unsureness, the impression of an oscillation and a desperate appeal: my love, my eyes, then the dead, then widening out to "world.
The slowness and unsureness of it is not a good environment for any business," said Percy Nayokpuk, Walter's nephew and president of the Shishmaref Native Corporation.
In the midst of this unsureness, we are trying to tell a personal story.
On the basis that so many short compositions were discarded from the sketches in Webern's pre-1925 vocal and instrumental collections, Brinkmann concludes that during this time Webern showed a latent sense of unsureness (eine latente Unsicherheit) that was no longer the case after he discovered the twelve-tone method.
The majority of counselors' unsureness about the cultural appropriateness of state rehabilitation services for Native Americans may stem from (a) the consumer's caution to divulge aspects of his/her culture in the counseling process, (b) the small number of Native Americans on caseloads and (c) the counselor's unfamiliarity of Native American healing practices and culture.
Although this may not be true in fact, and although even if true it does not appreciably alter the status of women in American culture, it does suggest an area of male unsureness and insecurity.
Finally, this consumer seems to be passive rather than active in his or her learning style, which contributes to his or her unsureness and confusion in decision-making.
There is a tone of loneliness in Arieti's introductory remarks that rather suggests unsureness about how his novel would be received: "It was not easy to collect tears that I neither shed nor saw in others but that still burn in my eyes.
The author of Borges's early poems does seem ardent, but there is little unsureness.