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Its tiresome bureaucracy and high taxes are outweighed by an unsurpassable quality of life, including the world's best health care.
Unsurpassable tangy flavour, sweet juice and a huge money-saver because they're always so dear in the shops.
This note begins with great sadness: the truly eminent German scholar Reinhold Grimm died in March, leaving a virtually unsurpassable written legacy.
The weightiest of stories told with the lightest of touches, unsurpassable narrative verve and piquant irony
And the Celtic manager said: "I remember having a conversation with Graeme Souness and we agreed that there are certain players who, on the right day, are unsurpassable.
This symbol speaks for itself and is unsurpassable in terms of its lack of respect," Kramer told Die Welt newspaper.
He added: "For 40 years he was at the cutting edge of Irish public life and set an unsurpassable standard of integrity and delivery.
Since then, it has developed a broad range of DMR techniques and an unsurpassable DMR patent portfolio as a leading global manufacturer, contributing to the establishment of wireless communication networks across the globe.
Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) has unsurpassable advantages over traditional testing.
If Ryan ever takes an interest in some of the other things that poems and language can do, she will be unsurpassable.
But Islam is evidently less interested in rehashing theories of the male gaze here than in demonstrating how the human eye and memory together form an unsurpassable cine-projector, endlessly creating a desire for identification or connection that can never be quelled since time does not stand still.