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Factors for commodity prices appear to be unsusceptible to the economic condition, because the number of uncorrelated factors remains stable at two throughout the period studied.
They must also show that their approach is relatively determinate, administrable, and unsusceptible to judicial manipulation.
The move comes in line with the initiative the Ministry of Environment and Water had unleashed at the end of 2009 themed 'UAE free from plastic bags' and aimed to cut down on and prohibit using plastic bags, which are unsusceptible to biodegradation, in the country.
Whilst overall the recession showed that luxury travel was not unsusceptible to the global economic climate, India as well as China has experienced significant growth in this period.
29) The consent decree first incorporated the Wyatt standards into the settlement and made them unsusceptible to challenges based on any changes in the law.
of policy and expediency, are unsusceptible of judicial cognizance and
Only if the question posed is one whose complexity and depth renders it unsusceptible to rational examination does the dramatic treatment seem to us appropriate, and the dramatic solution become enlightening.
To conclude, bacteria under antibiotic selective pressure have the ability to acquire and exchange antibiotic resistance genes, developing new proteins and loosing some other proteins making them unsusceptible to certain antibiotic treatments.
Injury from perinatal air pollution exposure could also be responsible for the increased proportion of unsusceptible individuals who, because of their exposure to pollutants during the susceptibility window and because of epigenetic alterations due to environmental factors, will become susceptible.
The idea that explicit knowledge will never become implicit, then renders the conclusion that learners' interlanguage system is unsusceptible to CF, or, in Truscott's (1996) words, that CF will only lead to "a superficial and possibly transient form of knowledge" (p.
3)%], whereas proBNP-WT glycosylated in the cleavage site region (10) was unsusceptible to corin-mediated cleavage.
Normally, the relevant choice is between dynamic constitutional interpretation yielding rules that are unsusceptible to democratic correction and creating no rule at all.