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Applying this laboratory screening regimen to all patients diagnosed with osteoporosis is warranted because unsuspected secondary causes of the skeletal disease are so common.
Boxed warning: Uterine tissue may contain unsuspected cancer.
1 ( ANI ): It has come to light that cancer causing virus may hide in small pockets on the surface of tonsils in throats of unsuspected people.
Her public appearances showed a previously unsuspected brittleness.
Just over a year ago, while builders were renovating the de-consecrated medieval parish church, they discovered an entry to a hidden and unsuspected crypt with the burials as they lifted up some slabs.
The risk factors and presence of Q fever serologic testing between BCNE patients suspected and unsuspected of Q fever were compared using the Chi-squared or Chi-squared with Yates' correction for continuity.
Unsuspected Girl comes into this having recorded consecutive career-best RPRs in defeat on her last two runs and followed her third over 1m4f at Kempton with a close second over course and distance last time, looking unlucky not to win.
Though of course, it isn't as easy as she expects; Maya shows an unsuspected capacity for intrigue and dissembling and manages to turn even a hair dyeing disaster to her own advantage.
Among the 19 clinically unsuspected sinusitis cases, 10 of them were diagnosed with sinusitis on X-ray, and there is a statistically significant association between clinically diagnosed sinusitis and X-ray--diagnosed sinusitis.
Routine cholangiography is advocated to detect unsuspected common duct stones, which are seen in 5%-10% of cases.
The survey results confirm what I see in my practice every day--a majority of my patients think they are taking care of their skin but they often don't realize how sensitive it can be to unsuspected factors," according to Tanzi.
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