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The Minister described as unfortunate the fact that despite repeated warnings and disclaimers, certain unscrupulous elements still engage in the act of defrauding unsuspecting members of the public through different social media platforms falsely linked to him.
Unsuspecting couples have been horrified to find themselves victim to a range of different types of wedding scam - with some finding out that the dream venue they thought they had booked months in advance had no knowledge of their wedding plans, whilst others discovered money handed over for photographers, flowers, dresses and DJs had disappeared along with the criminals behind the con.
According to him, they will then issue a cheque, with a promise that the cheque will mature in three days, for which the unsuspecting car dealer can go and withdraw from the Bank.
Detectives believe it is a scammer targeting unsuspecting users in the rental market looking to launch potential attacks.
MUZAFFARGARH -- An unsuspecting resident of Muzaffargarh was left in shock when he discovered he had lost nearly Rs0.7 million from his bank accounts.
Karachi -- After a series of mysterious deposits in bank accounts of several unsuspecting individuals across the country, yet another transaction worth billions of rupees was detected in fake bank accounts of a man from Karachi on Monday.
My Bill would create a new offence of Assault Causing Death relating to a punch thrown at an unsuspecting victim who dies from injuries sustained in the attack.
When approaching an unsuspecting victim, they would ask if the victim has managed to access their money.
As per media reports, the con women used to loot unsuspecting motorists under the guise of hitchhikers, a citizen, Qaiser claimed while recording his statement to Liaquatabad police.
Police warned of the growing threat that is illegal narcotics hidden in innocuous drink packets, saying syndicates may start making these available to unsuspecting consumers to hook new and young addicts.
Police warned unsuspecting members of the pubic not to buy bikes without knowing where they come from.
Mr Musa Yego, the head of the Flying Squad Unit, said they seized the bags of the brown sugar imported from Brazil after being tipped-off by members of the public.The sugar, Mr Yego said, was to be transported to to Mumias and Kabras sugar factories for refining but ended up in the hands of unscrupulous traders who have been selling it to unsuspecting members of the public.