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Stefanko advised those who may have unsuspectingly installed and used one of these malicious apps to uninstall them immediately.
The five-year-old hopped over a broken section of wall in Glasgow Road as she made her way to a play park but unsuspectingly plunged into the Mill Lade, a body of water which links to the Bannock Burn.
DISGUISED Daniel does some street performing as Iron-Man as Louisa, above right, unsuspectingly gives him change
Azurin said they shall be prosecuted for violation of Republic Act 9165 using the P6.8 million worth of shabu they unsuspectingly turned over to PDEA-ARMM agents, disguised as buyers, as evidence.
During just about every heavy downpour or storm on the East Coast, people will unsuspectingly share the same photo of soldiers guarding the tomb in the rain despite the fact that it was taken in September 2012.
Under cognitive constraint, people are often browsing unsuspectingly or not paying close attention.
Hiding in the sites we visit are any number of malicious codes ready to unsuspectingly install on our devices.
The bill's aim is not to inflict punishment or pass judgment on any individual who may have unsuspectingly acquired artwork that was confiscated during the Holocaust.
Syria's "pearl in the desert", pierced by the Euphrates River, has unsuspectingly become the focal point of a war, whose consequences have been, and will be, felt around the region and the world for decades to come.
Relying on oral interviews, but foregrounding British perspectives and Kenyan government stances on the Shifta, Whittaker often, perhaps unsuspectingly, accepts the official sides of the story.
Often, they unsuspectingly perform tasks that they deem won't cause any damage.