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an all-feather piebald, cuckoo-marked on a titanic scale taking perhaps sixteen birds to show the whole design (105) These instrumental birds, guided by origins untraceably deep in genetic, mythological, and religious history, so easy to destroy ("defenceless unsuspicious / things" [104]) yet characterized by an indestructible love ("two.
Using this trick, criminals make sure the recipient is unsuspicious of the infection vector.
Although a small sample, this experiment supports statistics and word-of-mouth observations that college-age women, especially first- and second-year students, are easy targets for predators due to their unsuspicious and unsuspecting attitudes.
It is also a common practice for phishers to use repetition of website extension in tricking unsuspicious users to navigate to fraudulent sites.
All farms were free from leucosis, brucellosis, tuberculosis, BHV-1 and unsuspicious to BVD.
officers'] unsuspicious noses" in the docking ships described
While they might remain unsuspicious of May, they will start to notice changes in Aida.
Even in people with multiple atypical naevi, MM most commonly develops in formerly unaltered skin; therefore the removal of unsuspicious dysplastic naevi is not advisable [2].
"Our carpenter was unsuspicious," the narrator explains, "and he took the matter very easily, until the arrival of the period mentioned in the contract." When the deadline passes, the Coverts refuse to pay.
An MRI scan in the third month of life was unsuspicious and the patient was free of symptoms.
All were removed with unsuspicious histological results.
By shipping to destinations that initially appear unsuspicious, he said, suppliers can circumvent all mandatory approval procedures.