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This rise has remained unabated with the proliferation of mobile devices which makes many unsuspicious users vulnerable to phishing attacks.
the comically incompetent and utterly unsuspicious Narsit, reveals that
Police who initially failed to notice the crook had been murdered and treated his death as unsuspicious for six days are being investigated.
In other words, Big Data may give us the opportunity to move the needle, transforming what today are cell counters into potential diagnostic aids which may be critical to begin alerting a yet unsuspicious clinician to the possibility of a certain diagnosis.
Revolution--even unsuspicious state leaders might have blanched at the
In this report, France Vreg (1920-2007) from Ljubljana served as Dusiska's unsuspicious witness.
91) Indeed, one of the aims of the new Act was to 'refine the jurisdiction of coroners by ensuring that unsuspicious deaths are not unnecessarily reported to Coroners'.
But what followed an unsuspicious afterschool meal with friends was a long smoking session - a daily ritual for many.
communicating with the interlocutor in an fair trusting unsuspicious manner;
With a new health insurance regime expected within five months in Qatar, the new laboratory will facilitate easy screening to acquaint even the silent, unsuspicious patients about their vulnerability to cardiovascular diseases and help them prepare themselves to prevent it", Dr Khalid added.
This potentiality, coupled with the lack of appropriate guidance on behalf of the court as to what constitutes flight, allows for an inappropriately wide range of legitimate, legal, and unsuspicious circumstances that meet the burden established in Morgan.
Indeed, most episodes seemed to consist of the grumpy pathologist spotting something fishy in an otherwise unsuspicious death before promptly sailing off in his speed boat to get to the bottom of it - all the while asking his long-suffering lab buddy Sam to 'cover for him' should his perma-furious boss ask where he's gone yet again.