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Built more than a century ago, they've relied primarily on residential education models that are fast becoming unsustainably expensive and ill-suited to current needs.
At the same time, spending on pensioner benefits will continue to rise sharply and, arguably, unsustainably," it added.
The reason we have not done so is that our passenger fares are at unsustainably low levels (less than 30 paise/km), so the railways can't generate enough cash to invest in modernisation.
THE front page article regarding the demand for school places (Examiner, August 20) will cause little surprise for many in the area as it is yet another example of the capacity of our town's services being stretched beyond reasonable limits by an unsustainably high birth rate and mass of house building.
With our national debt unsustainably high, and with the uncertainty about what the world economy will throw at us in the coming years, we must now fix the roof while the sun is shining.
We have identified resellers listing our product at an unsustainably low price.
Governor Graeme Wheeler said that the kiwi is unjustifiably and unsustainably high.
All ponzi schemes, including the ones run by Pearls group, require an unsustainably large pool of investors to uphold the scam.
He goes on to say that just as the unsustainably high prices of more than $100 per barrel for Brent crude throughout the entire 2011-2014 time encouraged too much drilling and conservation, "oil prices have now plunged to an unsustainably low level".
But severe drought threatens the southern plains again, and water is being unsustainably drawn from the southern Ogallala Aquifer.
IT APPEARS that the only ones who are still willing, or can afford, to call strikes are trades union involving the membership of public sector workers, which are quite unable to accept the economic realities of modern times and the absolute need to reduce the unsustainably high levels of public expenditure, hugely bloated by the previous administration.
House prices clearly are unsustainably high, and the recent government support to make mortgages more available has resulted in even further increases.