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The strictures were resected endoscopically, and repeated balloon dilation under fluoroscopic guidance over the course of 10 months resulted in immediate but unsustained improvement.
May 11, 2010) (contesting disclosure of unsustained allegations as Brady material); see also Complaint for Damages & Demand for Jury Trial at 8-9, Riley v.
28) Missing, late, unsustained intention and attention have significant consequences on the onset and release.
Reflecting on this unsustained pedagogical expectation led to acknowledging the importance of explicitly teaching the skills required to access and use instructional digital technologies to enhance the course learning outcomes.
75) conjure up the spectre of Sir James Frazer, and the somewhat eclectic and apparently speculative nature of Dumas-Champion's drawing on other cultural practices is unsustained and, I suspect, unsustainable.
High-risk cytogenetics and persistent minimal residual disease by multiparameter flow cytometry predict unsustained complete response after autologous stem cell transplantation in multiple myeloma.
Possibly affected' members are asymptomatic at- risk subjects who have a normal gait but who show possible corticospinal tract deficits on examination (mild hyper-reflexia a few beats of unsustained ankle clonus but with flexor plantar responses).
Yet for all its negativity, her rage is generative, enabling alternatives, however unsustained, to conventional notions of family and romantic love.
76) Subsequently, Paiva et al (72) also investigated an additional series of 241 patients and showed that persistent MRD by multiparameter flow cytometry at day 100 after autologous stem cell transplantation predicted an unsustained complete response.
Then the rehearsal is a disaster, and the private audience, enthusiastically applauding the bungling lady pupils, has little attention for the gifted teacher: "Ellis was unprotected, unsustained, unknown" (315)--a trio of adjectives that recalls the pathos of the ghost in Hamlet, "unhouseled, disappointed, unaneled" (1.
They can respond to them, according to Confucius, although they themselves can never generate them or possess them unsustained by external examples and without the provision of favorable conditions.