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Parched corn offers yet another scrumptious way to eat unsweet grain coin.
Nonetheless, there are few known compounds that induce a preference for unsweet ened alcohol solutions over water in laboratory animals.
Until someone invents a smart ball-thing to target unsweet spots.
Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott's visit to Leamington was short, sharp and unsweet.
SURPRISINGLY unsweet, given its coconut flavouring, but perfectly palatable nonetheless.
When determinate cognition, begotten of curiosity, forgets or denies its origin in these parents, it becomes an ungrateful child, at times begetting some unsweet issue of its own.
If femininity were a cup of sweet natural nectar to be preserved from alien ideologies, why was militarization in Central America and the Caribbean accompanied by efforts to bring women into the low-paid, underprotected, decidedly unsweet sweatshops of foreign companies?
This would be my home unsweet home for the next 22 months.