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He has helped me to see the other man - half-savage, splendidly masterful, forging his way through to success by sheer pluck and unswerving obstinacy.
And this is the order of truth, lesser though it be, that man must know and guide his actions by with unswerving certitude that it is absolute truth and that in the universe no other order of truth can obtain.
With unswerving logic she traces the sequence of act and consequence, showing how apparently trifling words and deeds reveal the springs of character and how careless choices and seemingly insignificant self-indulgences may altogether determine the issues of life.
She looked at us all as if her life had depended upon the unswerving steadiness of her glance.
between thirty and forty - remarkable neither for beauty, nor wealth, nor brilliant accomplishments; nor any other thing that I ever heard of, except genuine good sense, unswerving integrity, active piety, warm-hearted benevolence, and a fund of cheerful spirits.
But Francois, chuckling at the incident while unswerving in the administration of justice, brought his lash down upon Buck with all his might.
He walked up to the furthest corner of the room, and, turning back, saw her sitting very upright, her hands clasped on her lap, and with a lost, unswerving gaze of her eyes which stared unwinking like the eyes of the blind, at the crude gas flame, blazing and still, between the jaws of the bronze dragon.
He has an unswerving passion for Israeli causes and supports the UJA Federation and the State of Israel Bonds.
They fight back by shaping their own patters of defiance - endless ritualised fag breaks, say, or an unswerving adherence to nightly booze-ups.
An unswerving advocate of women photographers, Dalrymple noted she is excited by it all.
Lipman said that MFS is especially pleased with the FCC's prompt reaction to the Court of Appeals' decision, and with the FCC's unswerving commitment to achieve expanded interconnection with no "lapse" or interruption in applicable federal policies.