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'The two sides stress that we will unswervingly adhere to good neighborliness and continue to deepen our cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative and be each other's good neighbor, good friend and good partner forever,' she added.
Without specifically mentioning the events in Tiananmen Square 30 years ago, the TAO press release offered a subtle defense of the Chinese government by saying that the Chinese Communist Party has unswervingly worked to serve the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.
This just means we need to work harder, more skillfully, more unswervingly, and with relentless determination.
Meanwhile, MP Al-Degbasi said Kuwait, under His Highness the Amir, pursued its humanitarian diplomacy unswervingly. "The cooperation between Kuwait and Jordan in the field of humanitarian action is a source of pride for both sides," he said, lauding the role of the vocational training center in building the capacity of refugees.
He said that Saudi Arabia unswervingly adheres to the one-China policy and respect China's efforts to safeguard its national security and stability.
China will forge ahead with reforms unswervingly and inspire the vitality and creativity of some 100 million market entities, Li said.
The Prime Minister has acted bravely and unswervingly throughout these tempestuous proceedings.
'Cambodian people would like to make a record of the achievements of the CPP in their hearts, and are determined to support and vote for the CPP unswervingly and forever,' he said.
The China Manned Space Agency said in an article published on Saturday on its WeChat account that the space lab, which was lifted into space on Sept 15, 2016, remains in orbit and is still 'unswervingly carrying out its missions'.
Notably, unswervingly accurate piano accompaniment was provided by Keith Swallow and Catherine Hall-Smith.
A country where rights and freedom, human values are unswervingly preserved has a beautiful future.
"We will continue to unswervingly pursue the set goal and path and no external forces or incidents could disturb our pace," Hua stressed.