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20] who propose the local MQ approximation in which only the nodes inside the influence subdomain of one central node are used in the Unsymmetric method for solving the Poisson equation.
The theory of elimination trees for sparse unsymmetric matrices.
Practical use of some krylov subspace methods for solving indefinite and unsymmetric linear systems.
Synthesis and characterization of symmetric and unsymmetric oxo-bridged trinuclear chromium benzoate complexes: Crystal and molecular structure of [[Cr.
Therefore, the parallel sparse direct solver with unsymmetric storage was used.
In a previous article [Duff and Scott 1996], we discussed the design and performance of a general frontal code, MA42, for solving sparse unsymmetric systems of equations.
SuperLU is a parallel sparse direct solver being developed by collaborators at Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory [4] using new algorithms to solve unsymmetric sparse linear systems using Gaussian elimination with pivoting.
In general, clines in the frequencies of neutral marker alleles linked to selected loci will be disjointed and unsymmetric.
For unsymmetric tensors, a well-known method for finding the sum of rank-one terms is the alternating least squares (ALS) technique [4, 12].
Keywords: Symmetric urea, unsymmetric urea, antiglycation, structure-activity relationship, diabetes.
L'Excellent, "Multifrontal parallel distributed symmetric and unsymmetric solvers," Com put.