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Introducing unsymmetrical faults (with fault resistance and without fault resistance) at various positions in the transmission lines network.
Ghannouchi, "Design Optimization and DPD linearization of GaN-based unsymmetrical Doherty power amplifiers for 3G multicarrier applications," IEEE Trans.
Here the unsymmetrical multifrontal sparse LU factorization package (UMFPACK) is used to solve (29).
The d9 ion is characterized by large distortion from octahedral symmetry and the band is unsymmetrical, being the result of a number of transitions, which are by no means easy to assign unambiguously (Table 3).
This approach forms the basis for the elements of the so-called unsymmetrical training sets.
The in-roof solution allows module positioning in landscape or portrait and permits unsymmetrical placements to overcome obstacles on the roof such as chimney and roof windows.
The course was right-handed, overlooked by Penllyn Castle, and was the scene of tragedy in 1901 when jockey William Musson was killed in a fall from Unsymmetrical in the selling hurdle.
Usage of prestressed cable truss is another method of fixing the problem of increased kinematic displacements under the action of unsymmetrical load (Fig.
T/OE/CAP, the regressive BLE/AR/S, and other unsymmetrical examples DU/ALL/Y and LAIC/ALL/Y.
Original mechanical oscillating system of the original S-5-S seismometer consists of sensing (SET) and damping (DET) electrodynamic transducers mounted on the unsymmetrical double-arm pendulum.
Pardon my OCD but is anyone else bothered by the unsymmetrical lighting display for Dubai Summer Surprises along Sheikh Zayed Road.