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At which direct defiance the stubborn sneer would reappear upon Professor Summerlee's face, and he would sit, shaking his sardonic head in unsympathetic silence, behind the cloud of his briar-root pipe.
But she was so unsympathetic that she must be reliable.
This consciousness upon which he had intruded was the single opportunity of existence ever vouchsafed to Tess by an unsympathetic First Cause--her all; her every and only chance.
I should like to make him an unsympathetic character, over whose downfall the reader would gloat.
I should have thought I was the last person to be unsympathetic to -- to aspirations of that kind.
It means, I should say, that he finds you chilly and unsympathetic.
Bulstrode seems the most unsympathetic fellow I ever saw about some people, and yet he has taken no end of trouble, and spent a great deal of money, on benevolent objects.
I got little real information from him about the work, partly because David loses his footing when he descends to the practical, and perhaps still more because he found me unsympathetic.
I am sorry, Miss Morse," the Inspector said quietly, "to find you so unsympathetic.
Aynesworth," she said, in a low tone, "for a young man you are very unsympathetic.
Professor Hilton paused and glared at him, unsympathetic and unimaginative as one of his own test-tubes.
If any unsympathetic male readers should think this statement exaggerated, I appeal to the ladies--