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At which direct defiance the stubborn sneer would reappear upon Professor Summerlee's face, and he would sit, shaking his sardonic head in unsympathetic silence, behind the cloud of his briar-root pipe.
It was as if she enjoyed looking forward to something in which nothing, neither an unsympathetic mother, nor the cruel fate which had made her a colourless little nonentity, could prevent her from being the chief performer.
Trefusis found her parents so unsympathetic on the subject of her marriage that she left their house shortly after her visit to Lyvern, and went to reside with a hospitable friend.
The above sequence of thoughts was entirely unsympathetic and it was followed by a feeling of satisfaction that I, at any rate, was not suffering from insomnia.
This consciousness upon which he had intruded was the single opportunity of existence ever vouchsafed to Tess by an unsympathetic First Cause--her all; her every and only chance.
I am sorry, Miss Morse," the Inspector said quietly, "to find you so unsympathetic.
Aynesworth," she said, in a low tone, "for a young man you are very unsympathetic.
Many humans are unsympathetic to their plight -- but some try to help, even when it makes their own life more difficult.
Just fracture falling It was posted with the somewhat unsympathetic caption "someone's not happy".
Torbay Council's development management committee denied the application as they felt it was "too large and unsympathetic to the area".
Age Scotland told Holyrood's welfare committee: "The language adopted (in the application process) seems to be deeply unsympathetic, patronising and quite antagonistic, which is hardly satisfactory for someone who is likely to be emotionally affected by bereavement.
Shadow Health Minister Luciana Berger's warning comes as NHS watchdog the Care Quality Commission slammed medics for an unsympathetic attitude towards mental health patients.