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Dozens of chapels are demolished while others are unsympathetically converted to other uses without first being photographed or recorded.
Every component of smoke is like a poison which affects human beings unsympathetically.
She is worried that his highly autobiographical account of their meeting in the Hamptons paints her unsympathetically as a dull lover--strikingly similar to the charge she levels at her ex-husband--and this is accompanied with another visual analepsis of the Hampton gathering, similar to the first.
Since the name of Marx appears prominently, if rather unsympathetically, in these pages (at least in Lasson's and Cravatts' analyses), it is worth observing in Marxian terms that the ultimate goal of this exercise is not to understand this world but to change it.
Other 'minor' nations such as Samoa and Georgia were treated equally unsympathetically by the schedule when, if anything, the countries with stronger squads are better prepared to manage the rigours of a quick turnaround.
The Infirmary was not a listed building because the Health Authority had unsympathetically altered it over the years.
For others, it occasions an opportunity to appraise unsympathetically religious leaders of that period who are found wanting by the standards of interreligious discourse that we employ today.
Barker, somewhat unsympathetically, promptly smashed him down the ground again on the way to 118 (136 balls) which heaped scoreboard pressure on Sussex.
I have to be honest and say Coisty's team-mates gathered around him and unsympathetically laughed their heads off in spite of his claims he was near his expiry date.
However this act of 'forgetting' is accentuated by unsympathetically planned change and the loss of evidence of interactions--the visible timedepth and historic legibility of place.
Not only did he unsympathetically characterize the adult as a "half-wit" and the little girl as "alert" or "precocious," but he assumed that the little girl was unharmed and that her participation in this "game" was completely uncoerced.
Historic taverns which have been altered unsympathetically - including a number of Huddersfield pubs - are named and shamed.