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A strike by the FBU will be unnecessary, unjustified and viewed unsympathetically by Londoners.
13) The Statesman's Manual unsympathetically refers to "the same Scotch philosopher, who devoted his life to the undermining of the Christian religion; and expended his last breath in a blasphemous regret that he had not survived it.
Oh, come on," I thought to myself unsympathetically when the girl in the seat next to me blew her nose loudly in her kerchief as Ryan O'Neal discovers for the first time that the love of his life, Ali, has cancer.
Insurers will fear that juries will view even legitimate claim denials unsympathetically, and that insurers will thus be exposed to damages without any predictable limit.
On the other side, Robert Cantwell has written unsympathetically about the image cultivated by Mike Seeger in his later years, emphasizing not these aspects of his personality, but focussing instead on his background of privilege: "What complicates the picture is that while he rescues in folk music the values dear to his class, values that typically include contempt for modern commonplaces such as mass production and mass culture, Seeger is also, through that music, in lifelong revolt against his class--and hence permanently exiled to that strange zone where the very phenomenon of social differentiation seems to have exhausted itself.
Sarah Tyacke's "Archives in a Wider World" surveys "the culture and politics of archives," with some particularly interesting remarks on Derrida's Archive Fever, the philosopher's thoughts on this subject have, she notes dryly but not unsympathetically, "been mostly ignored in professional archival literature" (219).
By presenting Tchaikovsky's sometime lover, Count Anton Chiluvsky (Christopher Gable), as a mincing villain who betrays the composer by revealing his decadent ways to his adoring patron, Madame Nadedja von Meek (Izabella Telezynska), The Music Lovers might be charged with presenting homosexuality unsympathetically.
To view Israel unsympathetically means vilification by this group: it avows political critique is something that threatens the existence of all Jews.
Customer Valerie Wookey, 64, of Bristol said: "When I complained I was unsympathetically told to use a friend's computer.
There is always the possibility, however, that their stories will not find audiences willing to listen or that audiences will ignore or interpret their stories unsympathetically.
Nabokov's raison d'etre for thinking unsympathetically of some of Joyce's novels is elucidated by a fleeting reference to "poor Stream of Consciousness, maree noir [black tide] by now" in Ada.
Get out," says George, unsympathetically, and I feel like challenging him to a duel for his insolence.