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She was in pursuit of fame, not filthy lucre, and her literary dreams were as yet untainted by mercenary considerations.
Dog, truly I envy you, settin' there comfortable-like inside your body that's untainted of alcohol.
5) Aether is the bright, untainted upper atmosphere, as distinguished from Aer, the lower atmosphere of the earth.
The master of it is brother to the great preacher Whitefield; but is absolutely untainted with the pernicious principles of Methodism, or of any other heretical sect.
Chief Inspector Heat got out of the train in a state of thoughtfulness entirely untainted with disloyalty, but not quite free of that jealous mistrust which so often springs on the ground of perfect devotion, whether to women or to institutions.
He entreated me to consider seriously of it; assured me that it was the only way to preserve our mutual affection; that in this station we might love as friends, with the utmost passion, and with a love of relation untainted, free from our just reproaches, and free from other people's suspicions; that he should ever acknowledge his happiness owing to me; that he would be debtor to me as long as he lived, and would be paying that debt as long as he had breath.
As for anthropologist Margaret Mead's quaint notions that a primitive society untainted by Christian teachings naturally produces a paradise of guiltless and unjealous free love have been discredited, and her supporting documentation revealed to be an utter fraud.
In the West Midlands there are two or three young Tories contesting marginal seats who are not only sane but are untainted by either the snobbishness of the country squire mob or the vindictiveness of the neo Thatcherites.
The appeals court reviewing the case has expressed doubt that Starr will be able to prove that the evidence he wants to use against Hubbell comes from sources untainted by the information in Hubbell's immunized records.
Probably Bourgeois is no less untainted by Russian Constructivism, German Expressionism, and de Stijl.
Ritch said, "We believe there is a growing demand in corporate America for advisory firms that offer pure advice, untainted by the conflicts inherent in multi-product investment banks.
He arrived into politics - and will most likely leave it - untainted by the sleaze and scandal that poisoned the very heart of Fianna Fail.