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I will go out until the day, until the morning break-- Out to the wind's untainted kiss, the water's clean caress; I will forget my ankle-ring and snap my picket stake.
The ecclesiastical historian, too, looking into parliamentary reports of that period, finds honourable members zealous for the Church, and untainted with any sympathy for the "tribe of canting Methodists," making statements scarcely less melancholy than that of Mr.
Chief Inspector Heat got out of the train in a state of thoughtfulness entirely untainted with disloyalty, but not quite free of that jealous mistrust which so often springs on the ground of perfect devotion, whether to women or to institutions.
Several times in those three years, cast up at the Temple of the Tirthankars in Benares the lama, a little thinner and a shade yellower, if that were possible, but gentle and untainted as ever.
For the smells of the dawning, untainted, ere dew has departed
The glee of a score of untainted bosoms was heard in light and airy voices, which danced among the trees like sunshine become audible; the grown men of this weary world, as they journeyed by the spot, marvelled why life, beginning in such brightness, should proceed in gloom; and their hearts, or their imaginations, answered them and said, that the bliss of childhood gushes from its innocence.
His legacy is that of a true sportsman, untainted by the unsavoury conduct of so many of today's sportsmen and a lifetime dedicated to the health and wellbeing of others.
In the failed effort for Supreme Court review, Marshalls attorney noted the statutory distinction between tainted assets those the government seizes via court order from a defendant as ill-gotten and substitute or untainted assets, which the government seizes when illicit funds are unavailable.
KCB top the league with 44 points from an untainted run in nine matches, while Kabras Sugar, who are placed third with 34 points, a point behind Homeboyz.
06 (ANI): Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday fired a fresh salvo at BJP chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to appoint "an untainted person" as the candidate for the coveted post.
The elders' other duties, Ositelu said, included ensuring the church is united, the elders' names remain untainted, they endure patiently and persevere.
In fact the gas is so untainted by heavier elements that the world must have come together relatively late during the system's formation, meaning it probably formed where it is now, the team concludes.