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She comes to ask me to score my flesh with lashes, and she calls me soul of a pitcher, and great untamed brute, and a string of foul names that the devil is welcome to.
I assuredly esteem as a rarity this nunlike prudery which is preserved untamed amid those Bohemian girls who are so easily brought into subjection.
Presently Tarzan took to the trees, and Jane, wondering that she felt no fear, began to realize that in many respects she had never felt more secure in her whole life than now as she lay in the arms of this strong, wild creature, being borne, God alone knew where or to what fate, deeper and deeper into the savage fastness of the untamed forest.
He was untamed, wild, and in secret ways her vanity was touched by the fact that he came so mildly to her hand.
She saw the folly of keeping them, wholly untamed and half-educated as they were, at home, and persuaded her husband to let them learn something by which they might earn a living.
An unusually handsome lithe young fellow, and an unusually handsome lithe girl; much alike; both very dark, and very rich in colour; she of almost the gipsy type; something untamed about them both; a certain air upon them of hunter and huntress; yet withal a certain air of being the objects of the chase, rather than the followers.
Near a minute these two bold and untamed spirits stood regarding one another steadily in the eye, neither quailing in the least before the fierce gaze he encountered.
she said to him the next day, sitting before him with folded arms, and looking at him with eyes that seemed to wonder as an untamed ruminating animal wonders.
It required all the courage that Bertha Kircher possessed to lower herself to the ground within reach of the talons and fangs of this untamed forest beast, but she did it.
Milk is an essential product for the growth and good health of everyone, therefore, it is high time that the authorities step in and take the untamed horse of loose milk.
At the same time, Censys Technologies client Untamed Aero Solutions, headed up by current Embry-Riddle masters student Ryan Langlois, was recently awarded a special FAR Part 107 waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly a Censys-built drone beyond the operators visual line of sight (BVLOS).
Firefighters managed to bring one of the two fronts under partial control but the second one remained untamed.