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On the other hand, mesh untangling is an active research topic among meshing communities.
Untangling Self works on many levels for many audiences: those looking for a succinct, engaging introduction to Buddhist teachings; those seeking to deepen their understanding and meditation practice; and those exploring provocative solutions to the human condition of suffering.
<BAnya Mugridge proves she is a light-fingered young woman to beat more than 100 people chasing Britain's 'first ever' job dedicated to untangling Christmas lights Wales News
Wang (emeritus biochemistry and molecular biology, Harvard U.) describes the elegant solutions that nature has devised, not only for untangling two twisted strands of DNA for replication, to make sure each progeny has one and only one whole strand of its parent, but also for keeping many bristly nucleic acids from getting so tangled that the cellular equivalent of a crewcut is required.
Rescuers untangling Japan's worst train crash in decades uncovered body after body in the wreckage today to put the death toll at 91.
First, forensic accounting skills have become crucial in untangling the complicated accounting maneuvers that have obfuscated financial statements.
Bridport says that the advantages of this new patented design are considerable as not only does QuickZip offer savings in net maintenance time and costs, it reduces untangling time during the loading process, and unlashing time when unloading.
This can require unraveling complex time sequences of when pollutants entered the environment and untangling multiple plumes of contaminants.
One of the crucial contributions Loewenstein makes to Ben Jonson studies involves his untangling of the competitive efforts of printers and stationers to corner the rights to Jonson's texts.
WHILE Tony Blair and the collective minds of No 10 were busy untangling the knots Cherie tied herself in, they took their eyes off a greater problem.
With some diligence and advance planning, homeowners, building managers and co-op boards can protect themselves from the expense, frustration, and hassle of untangling an unlicensed contractor problem.
Untangling the complex web of secular and ecclesiastical jurisdictions in the Italian regional state is no small task.