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Since the Thimarafushi land has been reclaimed using State funds to build a domestic airport and to provide adequate housing for the islanders, there can be untenable financial and environmental damages if the reclaimed area is not fully enclosed by revetment and the reclaimed area is not elevated to 2.
For him to break the by law made his continuing membership of the IFCA untenable.
After a report from the probation service saying the community order was untenable, Judge John Curran activated 40 weeks of the sentence.
They represent danger to the government because they are proof for their bad political assessment which according to the judges became morally untenable.
Relying on trade to meet a large part of this demand will impose a huge and politically untenable burden on the economies of many developing countries.
Eventually, though, Nader's commitment to an ideal leads to an untenable situation that finds him disavowing former friends and running for office to many liberals' chagrin.
To think climate caused these extinctions is [now] untenable," comments Gifford H.
There's also the belief that escaping to fight another day is the path of a coward; suicide, by one's hand or by holding an untenable position, is seen as heroic.
Welch gave up these perks after embarrassing media headlines made them untenable.
In addition, the Sudanese government's obstruction and harassment of aid workers, combined with continual shortfalls in international donor funding, has exacerbated an already untenable situation and left millions at risk.
2005), it is clear that contrary to his accusations against the editor, it is rather he that is "shameless" in his propaganda to prove his own untenable point.