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Seligman, Blum and Kalven, and others have examined the property protection arguments for progression and dismissed them as either untenably weak or without merit.
The new governor's environmental agenda is ambitious, untenably expensive, and indelibly popular with voters and lawmakers.
In the emerging jurisprudence, the courts have relied upon untenably bread generalizations about Internet technology, repeatedly equating it with traditional broadcast media and expressing grave concerns about the corresponding threat to reputation posed by online defamation.
But things began to look up when we ventured out to our work stations: yes they were untenably cramped, downright claustrophobic in fact, but the enforced shared bodily warmth was certainly welcome as we thumped away at our laptops with cryogenically numbed fingers.
Private colleges have not been immune to the recession; the need to ensure enrollment remains up creates what some see as untenably high discount rates and fewer students paying full tuition (Inside Higher Ed, January 7, 2010, www.
The French spreads over German bunds have not yet become untenably wide, but if France sought to wiggle out of the 3%-by-2013 commitment, this could change rather abruptly.
We are well aware that for those who come from very different polities, this approach may sound untenably chaotic; in what follows, I will describe what is a legitimate ecclesial expression which, while having some limitations, also has some significant advantages when handling questions of diversity over time.
73) It is tempting to ascribe Fronto's preference for the 'old masters' above the moderns of his time to this conjectural dearth of books in his African youth, but that involves, untenably, basing an assumption on an assumption.
8 Seth Price (Kunsthalle Zurich) What Price shares with Guyton\Walker is an approach to graphic presentation that seems untenably facile until you realize that it is--and that in risking that, it isn't.
Including this variable produced an untenably high odds ratio and reduced estimated effects of other variables to nonsignificance.
Ionic surfactant is totally reassociated and therefore neutral, unless cations are untenably carried away by subliming water vapor through narrow pore passages lined by the exposed negative charges to which they should be bound.
It lay in an untenably enthusiastic initial investment in ideas whose apparent paradoxes he was unable to work out satisfactorily, causing him then to retreat from his zealous position.