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Not knocking the police 'cause they have an unthankful job.
Without sounding unthankful, could you please stop doing this!
Robinson goes on to quote Edwards: "We are particularly required to be kind to the unthankful and the evil." She points out the contrast between Edward's sermons and some present day extremely negative attitudes toward the poor which are "a supposed reclaiming of traditional values."
Jim seeks Arvay's approval by taking on ever-larger projects, intended to provide for her comfort, but she acts "listless" and "uninterested." Jim eventually accuses her of being "unthankful and unknowing like a hog under a acorn tree ...
This time, however, I'm thinking about those jobs that are based solely on your customer's nostalgia for "dad's old gun" or "my first gun" or "a trophy I brought back from the war." I am not unthankful for this type of business if I'm going to get paid for it, but you have to be careful that you don't get caught up in the customer's nostalgia.
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Anansi is a shameless boor, a schemer who unblushingly breaks taboos for the sake of a quick meal, a cunning scoundrel, audacious, selfish, lustful, unthankful, and immoral.
While the central commissioners rebuked the girls for their very unthankful spirit while in the workhouse, they only allowed the guardians to keep the girls out for ten days.
Praetorius said that here Jehoshaphat's cross is described, "for no pious heart remains without a cross, the godless can, expect good days in this world but the pious must receive evil here." (41) Angry, unthankful neighbors come and attack the children of Israel, just as false friends and false brothers do.
"As to my Spiritual welfare, I hardly durst Speak I find myself one of the most ungrateful, unthankful, Creatures imaginable," wrote Jedediah to his brother Ralph.
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Her Kaiser is initially depicted as representing justice and as high authority, yet is later criticized as being unthankful and punishing those who trusted him and his judgments.