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Cacho argues that unthinkability entails refusal of existing political-economic hierarchies, racist norms and social systems of valuation to instead imagine life otherwise and to struggle for meaning and value beyond that defined by existing power/knowledge orders.
In my "Caring and Incapacity," I argue that the phenomenon of unthinkability is a consequence of the boundary-driven structure of deliberation.
But, as Jacques Lacan suggests of the drive, the unthinkability of such "[w]ill to destruction" may be synonymous with the equally impossible "[w]ill to make a fresh start," "a will to begin again" (212).
The unthinkability of such practices dissolves as one contemplates the supposed windows into mental illness propounded in our culture, with its unsustainable generalized portrayal of people with mental health problems as dangerous and incapable, with unfathomably brutish tendencies.
She explains that she is using "the notion of 'impossibility' as a way of signaling the unthinkability of a queer female subject position within various mappings of nation and diaspora" (15).
7) Avital Ronell's Stupidity is in many ways a brilliant analysis of precisely this problem, one, however, that never alleviates the burden of stupidity or of thinking all of its unthinkability.
It seems likely that the unthinkability of this dialectic is precisely the reason that it plays no further part in Badiou's exposition.
He spent his life playing out the unthinkability of the trace as an affirmative possibility.
We in Britain had heard rumors of crowd disturbances at football matches in foreign lands, of police trenches round pitches and tear gas used to control riots when the wrong team scored a goal, accounts of which we pretended to be incredulous, the very unthinkability of such conduct confirming us in our national superiority.