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It is an unthinking gift, with no expectation of return.
This book of eleven contributors argues for epistemic disobedience against the imperialiality of social sciences and humanities conveyed through unthinking epistemology, methodologies, disciplines and research subjects in Africa.
These drivers are selfish, unthinking, self-centred prats and if a speeding driver ran them over they would be the first to scream about it.
It is an excellent read for anyone wanting to consider seriously the financial system beyond the knee jerk tendencies to banker bashing or an unthinking defence of the system as it currently operates.
I was so unthinking and so naive and young that that was the day I invited my mum and my brother to the set.
It was precisely this unthinking cry for vengeance that Friedman and his fellow hawks espoused that led to the immoral war in Iraq.
Shoplifters and their ilk receive this kind of sentence, not unthinking people driving at excessive speeds on a busy main thoroughfare.
The littering by unthinking people is very disquieting indeed and the problem seems to be getting worse by the week.
Sentencing the 29-year-old builder, Mr Justice Nicholas Green told him he had killed his son "in a moment of unthinking madness", leaving the boy with "catastrophic and fatal injuries".
The unthinking woman's Iain Duncan Smith displayed breathtaking ignorance about the misery and humiliation endured by people on the breadline in Britain.
Rather, the worldview naivety and unthinking gullibility so rightly bemoaned by Professor Dawkins (GDN, June 5) is better countered by the promotion of critical thinking and the imaginative openness of mind that eschews closed dogmatic certainties.
The short-sighted practices and the harrowing details of what happened at Mortonhall are laid bare in the 600-page report that shows staff were at best unthinking, at worst uncaring.