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Is the CBCI (Catholic Bishops' Conference of India) also a caged parrot, unthinkingly reciting what its perceived master has taught it?
Even a trip to the Vic can't take her mind off things, especially when it turns out Ian is having his hastily-arranged stag do there and he unthinkingly offers her a drink.
The McCarran Act, however, became emblematic of the general repression of Communism in the post-war United States, and this is why I unthinkingly used it to qualify Dad's motives.
On any given day, thousands of families in Dubai perform one function almost unthinkingly - they throw every kind and type of waste into a single garbage bag, paying scant attention to the impact such a free-for-all attitude can have on the environment.
Private Clark, who has been accused in connection with the death of an Iraqi boy, begins as a gormless squaddie, unthinkingly loyal to his mates, but embarks on a troubling psychological journey that brings out a tender, poetic side to his personality.
In a statement released to the media on Wednesday, the Commission said: "The brutal killing of six young devotees in Karachi apparently for visiting a shrine is proof, if more proof was needed, that staying alive in Pakistan today is a privilege reserved for those who unthinkingly and without question comply with the whims of cold-blooded killers who have long tried to fool people into thinking that their actions have something to do with religion.
Not just because of the appalling cruelty, which horrified time-served RSPCA inspectors, but also as a reminder to all those who unthinkingly give pets as Christmas presents without foreseeing the consequences of the thousands of poor animals ill-treated or inevitably abandoned come new year .
Citizens mourn that a violent killer or a small group of extremists can unthinkingly dash the hopes and choice of many as was the case with President John F.
Let me no wrong or idle word Unthinkingly say; Set Thou a seal upon my lips, Just for today.
But nor should we unthinkingly destroy the great gifts that past ages have bequeathed to us.
But reminders of anno domini come regularly, often delivered unthinkingly by the disgustingly healthy.
Though she often exhibited alongside Minimalists such as Sol LeWitt and Donald Judd, Martin famously insisted that great art responds purely and unthinkingly to inspiration--a way of working only possible with a vacant mind.