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These ignoramuses are unthinkingly using the word \"flee\", taking not even a pause to realise how this terming of their predicament could hurt the sentiments of these displaced and not pondering even for a minute that this atrocious description of theirs starkly amounts to sprinkling salt on the open wound of displacement of these tribal compatriots of ours.
Braun began working at a hedge fund the summer when he was 16, charging unthinkingly toward finance, and after graduation from Brown University he joined Bain Consulting.
On the one hand, we laugh at the Tramp who, in seeking to escape the crowd angered at his disruption of their public ceremony, is anally impaled on a monumental sword, sits unthinkingly on the nose of one of the monument's heroic figures and then self-consciously and scatologically checks the sole of his shoe.
But they should not be the go-to tool, reached for habitually and unthinkingly, to address any foreign policy problem under the sun.
Private Clark, who has been accused in connection with the death of an Iraqi boy, begins as a gormless squaddie, unthinkingly loyal to his mates, but embarks on a troubling psychological journey that brings out a tender, poetic side to his personality.
He seems to feel that it was because the quenelle speaks to the inner anti-Semite in left-leaning persons who unthinkingly embrace anti-Zionism as part of a fashionable package of radical attitudes.
In a statement released to the media on Wednesday, the Commission said: "The brutal killing of six young devotees in Karachi apparently for visiting a shrine is proof, if more proof was needed, that staying alive in Pakistan today is a privilege reserved for those who unthinkingly and without question comply with the whims of cold-blooded killers who have long tried to fool people into thinking that their actions have something to do with religion.
I wish people who are arguing unthinkingly for the UK system would go and have a look at countries like Sweden as well where we might also learn lessons.
Even if the laws can teach prudence, there will be a conflict between the citizens who live prudently, seeking to ascertain what is good and bad, and those who accept almost unthinkingly the determinations of law.
So I wrote the card, then unthinkingly wrote my name on the envelope and put it through her door.
Let me no wrong or idle word Unthinkingly say; Set Thou a seal upon my lips, Just for today.
But nor should we unthinkingly destroy the great gifts that past ages have bequeathed to us.