unthought of

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Sometimes the unthought is used to refer to the unthought of texts.
Or, maybe not -- when writing an essay in Norwegian, a Dutch exchange student of ours got some nuances of meaning confused when looking up the word for 'reinforced', and came up with 'armed concrete' -- perhaps that hitherto unthought of material will be invented to counteract terrorist attacks?
Topics unthought of a half century ago now get top billing.
On the other hand, the Japanese economy has offset those losses by creating whole new industries unthought of 20 years ago.
But the strength of the best art criticism is its inner understanding that the visual confronts the written with the unthought of language; in the absence of the assertive, large-scale illustration provided by a magazine like Artforum, it can be too easy to speak of the visual without speaking to it.
Today the Georgian TV station, Moambe, is producing documentaries on food and cigarette shortages-projects unthought of a year ago.