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CHEN: Yes, or the primacy of male-female ones for certain unthoughtful adults who are hostile when accosted by gender diversity.
Similarly, it later duly targeted unthoughtful objections to any state-sanctioned phenomena as such objections rose in vogue.
We believe losing candidates will provoke people for various unthoughtful illegitimate actions.
One suspects that Hill's contradictions and ambiguities represent a thoughtful struggle to avoid Auden's unthoughtful rhetoric, or what Auden elsewhere calls "dishonest poems" poems that express, "no matter how well, feelings or beliefs which [their] author never felt or entertained" (xix-xx).
"But I sent them away with good confidence because people have done that to me before where my confidence has been destroyed by passing unthoughtful or ignorant comments they haven't thought about.
Erdogan said that a state's irresponsible, unthoughtful and reckless breach of law would do harm to people's perception of justice, as well as the reliability of international organizations.
These unthoughtful statements are hardly the elements of compromise.
Most of all, the changes above suggest that the United States cannot afford to be complacent or unthoughtful about its relations with Southeast Asia.
I would like to suggest that another consequence of the unthoughtful use of traditional approaches to legal instruction is the exaltation of rationality over other values which are of great importance to our society.
Walter characterized the selectmen's 2-1 vote to put the police station on South Common Street as "unthoughtful, impetuous and disrespectful" of the Police Building Committee and those who have worked to find the best location for the new station.
Our view is being spoiled all because some unthoughtful youngsters want to have a bit of fun.
This is absolutely the case, but Baako's colleagues are not merely lazy or unthoughtful. They have a particular aversion to the content of Baako's scripts.