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Our view is being spoiled all because some unthoughtful youngsters want to have a bit of fun.
This is absolutely the case, but Baako's colleagues are not merely lazy or unthoughtful.
He added: "I am amazed that anyone could be so uncaring or unthoughtful at this poignant time on the 20th anniversary of the Enniskillen bomb.
The article was not only unthoughtful and irresponsible but a cruel and heartless act by the newspaper involved.
In short, Moore's question, and the answers he puts on display, provide a clear impression that gun owners are, by and large, uncaring, unthoughtful, and morally juvenile or deficient.
Combined with the required paper trail, this framework is likely to encourage accountability and discourage hasty, unthoughtful action.
39) Martin conclude s her account of the need for feminist scholarship to recover its radical openness to the whole range of knowledges with Wilsons "welcome efforts to challenge the often unthoughtful ways in which something called culture has become determining in the first and last instances for many constructionists.
This inattention to related research on Vanuatu gives way to a somewhat unthoughtful narrative style.
If de Man and other poststructuralists have shown us the self-serving, secret appeal of an unthoughtful diachrony, Lively has shown us the same in an unthoughtful synchrony.
In fact, she justifies her writing as a reaction, not the fruit of unthoughtful "transient inebriation" but of reasonable afterthought (p.
They proved themselves completely unthoughtful and incompetent," he said.
I was surprised to find this kind of unthoughtful generalization, easy speculation and prescription in this book.