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Established in 2007, the Zahra Breast Cancer Society, headed by Princess Haifa bint Faisal bin Abdulaziz, endeavors to actively participate in the fight and eradication of breast cancer in Saudi Arabia, so that present and future generations can lead a peaceful and safe life, unthreatened by this disease.
Another 20 minutes passed slowly by, with the white line remaining unthreatened by either side, before Munster suddenly found their scoring boots with four tries in 12 minutes.
If she seems unthreatened by it, then be more specific.
Piracy still occurs, but in the main, global trade has flowered because sea lanes are open and commercial vessels ply the oceans unthreatened by warships.
Jeans will therefore retain a strong, unthreatened position in the apparel market.
[T]he need for learners to feel supported and unthreatened as they begin their progress while not being afraid to make mistakes.
Within seconds of coming on he had driven at the heart of a swiftly retreating Japanese back four, inspiring panic in the massed blue ranks that had been previously unthreatened.
Chaps can now relax in their leather armchairs, their conviviality unthreatened once more.
But his lead did not last long as Schmid regained his advantage allowing him to control the pace of the race and take the chequered flag largely unthreatened. Fresh from his victory in Dubai and starting third on the grid, Ashkanani showed his pedigree as a future series champion by overtaking Jeffrey Schmidt in lap five and, just as in Dubai, keeping his composure to see off the challenge of al-Faisal and claim his third runner-up spot of the fifth season.
(7) also reported an unthreatened late pregnancy with a huge mucinous cystadenoma of the left ovary, diagnosed sonographically at 26 weeks of pregnancy.
In places where the lawns are still green and relatively unthreatened, however, voter awareness of the state's water problems may fall behind other concerns, like what to do with the giant hunk of concrete and steel known as the Astrodome.
government appears unthreatened by the leaks the former NSA contractor revealed about secret surveillance programs.