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Unthreatened late pregnancy with a huge mucinous cyst adenoma of the left ovary: report of an unusual case.
At the same time, areas of progress include the professional development of online media, and the unlimited access to traditional and new media that Bulgarian citizens enjoy; such access appears unthreatened.
This is particularly true when a country transitions from a draftee to a volunteer army as the young males in unthreatened modern societies see little purpose in military service that takes one or two years from their lives for no discernable benefit.
They may be previous aircraft owners or always-wanted-to-be pilots who see in LSA an opportunity to fly and own an airplane unthreatened by the loss of a medical.
So far, certain professions and occupations remain relatively unthreatened by technological and social transformation.
Omega Smart Super Critical is a blend of fish oils sourced from unthreatened, cold-water fish and is processed using an advanced C02 distillation process.
Still undesignated as a historical neighborhood, La Sonorita remains unthreatened with destruction for a number of interlocking circumstantial reasons.
burdened by high acquisition debt, or what Tribune did before it slipped into bankruptcy, or what even a private, unthreatened company like Cox Enterprises did in Atlanta and some of its other papers, not to mention unloading a raft of them.
Furthermore, he referred herein to a "weird contradiction" by the Arab League in that it failed to take any move in defense of the Libyan people while it sent armies to aid an unthreatened regime in Bahrain.
They wanted a place to call their own to hang around with mates, where they can feel comfortable and unthreatened.
A handful of black bears rummaged through the garbage, unthreatened by the humans.
On balance they've been a delightful addition to life in that office environment, their only none-too-subtle demand on the building's cohabiters being that their offspring must stay safe and unthreatened.