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That mission requires that their interactions with almost all citizens be unthreatening because otherwise their information dries up, and they cannot prevent crime.
Male Asians were depicted as the physically and sexually weak, politically unthreatening minority.
"(Bishop Ford) was a very easy-going and unthreatening person," said the former primate.
I desperately want the racecourse to be a safe and unthreatening environment and if that means some Draconian policing of how people are allowed to conduct themselves, then so be it.
"Here is an unthreatening tool, which most religions share in one form or another; here is a door to significant dialogue and mutual learning; here is a ritual we can celebrate together, without compromising anyone's faith." It is somewhat strange that this was written by Galland MacQueen--he is something of a modern maze himself, holding advanced degrees in philosophy, theology and educational theory, while lecturing in Religious Studies.
It is unpardonable to have staked out such ground over someone whom, it turns out, the government considers so unthreatening.
Those most likely to lack health insurance include large chunks of politically unthreatening demographics: young adults, part-time workers, people with low levels of education, Hispanics, or people born outside the U.S.
Picturesque palm trees swaying in its benign breezes, little dark unthreatening children scampering in its sun-splashed plazas, the red kerchiefs of their uniforms more cute than symbolically Marxist--doesn't everyone own by now a coffee-table book of "forbidden" photographs like these, to complement their Buena Vista Social Club CDs?
Increasing the ash plumes' peril is their typically unthreatening appearance once they're blown downwind from a volcano.
Tapp cut back from a seemingly unthreatening position to let fly with a cracking drive which curled and dipped into the far corner.
"Plant sentinels would be unthreatening to the general public and could be deployed in shopping malls and office buildings where people would recognize an immediate loss of green color.
They had expected a discussion, unchallenging and unthreatening. Most were stunned and terrified to be instructed to perform imitations of their chosen animals, complete with sights and sounds, in the center of the classroom, surrounded by classmates (5th hedonic evaluation).